Colin Rescues Slippy (Cornish) – iBook

Introducing Colin, our courageous coastguard hero, his dependable dog Rocky and Slippy their seagull friend!



The iBook version includes audio and animation.

A-dro dhe’n Lyver:

Diskudh bys yntanus Colin Gwithyas an Alsyow ha’y gowetha.
Y’n hwarvos ma, Colin, agan kampyer gwithyas an alsyow kolonnek, ha’y gi len Rocky a saw aga howeth Slippy an goolan a studh glusek war treth defolys a oyl.  Fatel waynyas Slippy y hanow?  Prag y hwrug ev mos mes a wel?  Ple’ma Slippy?  An hwithrans a dhalleth!  Ott hag yw kuvder gobrys hag yw keskowethyansow duryadow govelys.  Mes nyns yw kyns nebes pols tynn!

• Lymnansow liwek
• Tekst kler ha sempel
• Gans kwys nowyth flamm
• Perfydh yw rag Sel ha PA1


About the Book:

Explore the exciting world of Colin the Coastguard and friends.

In this episode, Colin, our courageous coastguard hero and his dependable dog Rocky rescue their seagull friend Slippy from a sticky situation on an oil polluted beach. How did Slippy gain his name? Why did he disappear? Where is Slippy? The search begins! See how kindness is rewarded and enduring friendships are forged. But not before some nail-biting moments!

• Colourful illustrations
• Animations and sound effects
• Clear simple text
• Quiz
• Perfect for Foundation and KS1

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Colin the Coastguard