Activity Sheets

These are my fun activities. There are lots to choose from and they are free to download.

Have fun?

Colin the Coastguard and Rocky on their quad bike

You can find all these pictures in my exciting story book adventures. Download your favourites to print and colour in.

Have fun playing my Puzzles and Games.

Whose face will you reveal on the Dot to Dot puzzle?

What is the Mystery Message?

CTC wordsearch download
CTC weather watch download
Weather Watch
CTC sequence seeking download
Sequence Seeking
CTC puzzle download
CTC Mystery Messages download
Mystery Message
CTC following the paths download
Follow the Paths
CTC dot to dot download
Dot to Dot
CTC Crossword download
CTC paper yacht download
Paper Yacht
Make paper yacht instructions download
Paper Yacht Instructions
CTC dressing download
Dressing Up Kit
CTC dressing up colouring in download
Dressing Up Kit to colour in
CTC dressing up instructions download
Dressing Up Kit Instructions

We want you to always stay safe at the beach, around the cliffs and on the coast. To help you keep safe at the seaside, you can download, print and keep my Seaside Safety Posters.  

To help your friends stay safe too, tell them all about my Seaside Safety Posters!

Weather – Before going out on the water, always check the weather and tide times.
Quicksand – Look out for warning signs.
Cliffs – Never go too close to the cliff edge.
Inflatables – Look out for strong currents and wind.
Jumping – Don’t jump into the sea, danger of hidden rocks.
Red Flags – Don’t go swimming when red flags are flying.
Lifejackets – Always wear your lifejacket when out on the water.

Weather Watch Safety Poster
Watch the Weather
Quicksand Safety Poster
Cliffs Safety Poster
Mind the Edge
Inflatables Safety Poster
Inflatable Danger
Jumping Safety Poster
Don't Jump
Swimming Safety Poster
Don't go out too far
Lifejacket Safety Poster
Always wear a Lifejacket

For some Easter fun you can download these activity sheets.

I have been to the shops to buy Christmas presents for all my friends. To make ‘Coastguard Cottage’ more festive I have bought a beautiful big green Christmas tree. 

Whilst I was Christmas shopping in Tideswell, it started snowing. So with the help of our friends, we built a snowman and had loads more Christmas fun playing snowballs!

Colin the Coastguard