MCA Call 999 Coastguard sticker 01

Working with HM Coastguard to keep you safe when you go to the seaside.

We enjoy working with HM Coastguard. Together we have produced some special pictures, activities and posters.

Keeping Safe at the Seaside

Have some fun while exploring our seaside safety messages. There are things hidden behind these pictures. Can you find them and answer the questions below?

You can also download the activities to print out to do later.

1, How many seals can you find?

There are 3 seals.

2, How many cats can you find?

There are 5 cats.

Christmas Fun

Christmas activity sheets you can download.

Staying Safe at the Coast

Here is an activity you can download for free. It’s about staying safe when at the coast. Can you spot the dangers?

Seaside safety scene
Dog running in the sea
Boy filling bucket with sea water
Slippy the Seagull

Don’t get lost on the beach

Why not colour in your own version of our wristbands poster?

Jason’s Fishing Adventure

Here is a story and activity book that you can download for free. It’s about all the exciting things that happened when my friend Jason went fishing at sea. The book includes lots of amazing pictures to colour in, puzzles and a search mission.

HM Coastguard activity book spread
HM Coastguard activity book puzzle page
HM Coastguard activity book wordsearch page

Easter Fun

For some Easter fun you can download these activity sheets.

Inflatable Safety

Colin the Coastguard