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A lifejacket helps people to stay afloat if they fall into the sea. Captain Ward was the first to design a successful lifejacket.

It was made by sewing strips of cork to a vest. They were hard and heavy weighing as much as a two year old child!

A cork lifejacket being worn
Old lifejacket
Sailor sleeping with lifejacket on

Later, lifejackets were made from softer and lighter materials. This was particularly useful on navy ships, because seamen wore their lifejackets even while sleeping!

Modern lifejackets have whistles and lights attached to them. They make it easier to find people who have fallen into the sea.

Misha blowing her whistle on a modern lifejacket
Dogs can wear lifejackets too

Lifejacket Activities

Here is a story about why it is important to wear a lifejacket. Follow Jason’s adventure at sea and complete the fun activities.

MCA alwats wear your lifejacker sticker

Search mission

Who invented a lifejacket made of cork?

Captain Ward.

What are attached to modern lifejackets?

Whistles and lights.

Colin the Coastguard