Chesil's Search and Rescue Helicopter
Colin the Coastguard with Rocky and Slippy

Hello! My name is Colin and I work as a Coastguard with my dog Rocky, in a coastal village called Tideswell. I have to make sure that people are safe when they are at sea, on the cliffs or on the beach.

Caring for each other and our environment.

There is a lot to explore on my website.

Let’s start by meeting some of my friends. They help me keep people safe.

Adventure Story Books

You can read all about Colin and Rocky’s exciting seaside adventures in their fabulously illustrated series of picture books.

Colin the Coastguard - Colin Rescues Slippy book cover
Colin the Coastguard - Frisky Falls Overboard book cover
Colin the Coastguard - Abby Is Stranded book cover
Colin the Coastguard - Mistie Goes Sailing book cover
Colin the Coastguard - Rocky Saves Solo book cover

Jason’s Fishing Adventure

HM Coastguard Colin the Coastguard activity book cover

Jason’s Fishing Adventure

I enjoy working with HM Coastguard. We work together to make sure children are safe when they are at the coast.

Here is a story and activity book that you can download for free. It’s about all the exciting things that happened when my friend Jason went fishing at sea. The book includes lots of amazing pictures to colour in, puzzles and a search mission.

Along the Coast with Colin

Join Rocky and me as we explore the coast and environment around Tideswell Harbour.

Common crab
Colin and Rocky looking at portrait of Jack and Sam

Join me as I explore the history of the Coastguard

Did you know Coastguards have been keeping us safe for nearly 200 years!

Safety Posters

You can download my posters, they will help you to stay safe at the seaside.

Seaside safety posters

FREE activity sheets

FREE activity sheets

I have lots of activity sheets for you to download. There are pictures to colour in, puzzles, games and things to make.

Activity sheet examples
Colin the Coastguard